parents to Guangzhou

Chinese New Year Sanya brief Travels
Have not been written, a lot of people ask me Zeyang today to make up a few photos February 21, location wedding photos to enjoy on a half-day classes, the afternoon of annual leave home connected to the child, his wife, parents to Guangzhou, South China Sea, then kill the second batch of people to the South China Sea, the Internet search line, use GPS first analog line, after a night without it is the bedplate too hard, and take into account the long-distance tomorrow, sleep is not very good. February 22, plans up 7:30, 2011 latest engagement ring, starting 8:00, but 7:30 I got up and found that the children have not, the next step is to wake the children, for the children to change clothes, feed her , to pack her things (omit the N-word), and the last 9:10 of the official road, Changsha Audit University Personnel Office, open GPS down GPS tips on high-speed passing Foshan, Kaiping, Yangjiang, Maoming, Zhanjiang, then under high-speed, reach the Leizhou Peninsula, on the 207 National Highway, alas that State Road is as I passed the worst country Road, is simply the speed limit is also 60 km, however there are some sections of scenery good, on both sides of windbreaks with very spectacular, instead somewhat like to a north, and only the occasional coconut palms with to feel the feelings of some tropical locations. Hainan Expressway are not charged, is said to be added to the fuel costs, so I quickly ferry before, to find a gas station, oil plus Fan is not bad, per liter, as long as 4.8, after two and a half hours of hard State Road journey, finally reach the ferry terminal at 18:00, TNND, the car actually 400 is simply stealing money ah. Last few pp, explain the ship is the upper and lower levels, lower loading, foreign creative photography, upper installed travelers, I was too tired out,UGG Boots Adirondack, plus the night, what also can not see, and finally went to the car went to sleep, after four hours, and finally down from the steamboat, the bulb indicated my car (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee continue to open GPS, preparing for high-speed, but the car fruit and bread all eaten the child, and begging to eat Haikou know nothing about where to find food, Changsha personalized wedding, opening the GPS to find the nearest supermarket, artistic photos, and then under the main road, bar alley, looking for fruit shop, after 10 minutes of effort, finally found a red a little milk powder, but already wasted more than half an hour to get kids, continue on the road right now is 10:00, there 250Km go. 12:30, and finally to the edge of a farm, some soup, Daoteng what did not wash, bath and fell down to sleep. February 23, slept until noon in the morning, had lunch and other child slept network nap 4:00, then drove, it took six minutes to Sanya Bay, foreign creative website, beach big with a lot of people (originally would like to use more thieves, considering there are more, before leaving the adjective), child fever did not retire, send their kids to go to the hospital, the first hospital good shabby, and a shot to be over 120, for a night after reading, open a little medicine, do not want to give an injection Feb. 24, child inflammation or not, fever repeatedly, determined to give her a shot Diaoping February 25, thinking taken your medicine, and played a needle, should not have their second dose, did not go intends, first wrote this, another day to continue. . . .



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