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The woman relatives take care of paralyzed husband for 27 years to send plaque praised (Figure)
After the death of her husband, Zhang Lan snow suddenly retired and sit, sad while some are not accustomed ■ 27 years, her handsome young woman becomes wrinkled middle-aged women ■ 27 years, she has won the admiration and respect of the whole village Pingshan County Northern Ye township wooden tray villagers Zhang Lan snow, care paralyzed husband Gao Dong Lu 27 years of deeds spread Pat Heung miles. The villagers said that a busy 27 years, Zhang Lan snow was finally able to take a rest. ■ husband relatives to send her a plaque praise April 14, Pingshan North wood disk village in Ye township high East Lu sudden stroke, died at the age of 53 years old. April 19 is the day East Lu funeral, on this day, the high salaries East three uncle to the wife of Gao Dong Lu Lan Snow sent a plaque: secretary Li Aijun Zhang Lan snow deserved a model village, eight miles of the village, including the village knew her, she touched the neighbors say, really easy, blue snow from a young wife busy until the hair is white East Lu is gone, she was finally able to take a rest. The ■ a sudden turn of events husband lower limb paralysis Lan Snow originally had a happy family. 20 years old, handsome, she was introduced, was married to the same village, East Lu. Sterile marriage under two daughters had a very comfortable, easy life. However, the 1985 Lunar August 27, in a sudden turn of events disrupted their lives,ugg 5498. the final result of his injuries, lower limb paralysis. Paralysis after the high East Lu lower extremity no perception, eat and drink Lazard all in bed. That year, Zhang Lan snow 24-year-old, little daughter is only 8 months old, the eldest daughter less than 4 years of age. Someone advised her: step. Pick, is 27 years. ■ Sea ice of over 80-year-old grandmother said she witnessed Lan snow to take care of her husband: go to the hospital, never seem to leave. can not be scattered. and two daughters have married, the days of one day is better than a day. However, GAO Dong Lu. ■ guardian 27 years Husband, she suddenly idle down, sadness while still not accustomed to. Speaking the three uncle the day before the plaque sent, Zhang Lan the snow rubbing his inflamed hands and said: difficult. reporter Chen Jianyu Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | today's hot microblogging (edit: SN026)



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