[ Eight days before the wedding the bride killed g

[Eight days before the wedding the bride killed groom to hold funerary funeral home wedding]
Wedding, forever collection beautiful bride of breath ...... funeral parlor in front row Changlong wedding car text / cutting-edge Xia Xia Yesterday was the beginning of spring, the first day of spring this year, he married her door rejoicing. When he brought the child's hand, her beloved long been lying into the icy coffin beside friends and relatives laughter turned into cries tears. Ever fantasized about countless times in the wedding scene finally got his wish, he thought the luxury convertible wedding car, and a beautiful bouquet of white wedding dream wedding did not expect, was actually at the funeral home. People who love life and death has long been separated. Groom The Zhuang Huagui is Fuqing guy in Zhangzhou in the advertising industry. March 2008 to get to know who lives in Zhangzhou Pinghe Lu Yane. That year, he was 28 years old,ugg 5498, she was 20 years old. Month later, they determine the relationship, December 2, 2009, registration of marriage, on February 4 this year, that is, yesterday, this is their big day. However, on January 27, but it became dead. Day, two robbers name of renters, and implementation of burglary Yan E, and Liantong her 8 knives, Yan E did not wake up, at this time, only 8 days away from her married, and she was also dissatisfied with 22 years of age, but the wedding is still in the groom's insistence held on time. wedding eve the groom guarding Photo boil all night the night of February 3, the night before the wedding, he married room finishing the next day things used. New room, carefully selected wedding leaning against the bed did not hang wall, the room is a lonely, no candles, no candy, no red window grilles ... when, nearly two years with her mind about the screen, all at once welling up. They began to dull and legendary, you handsome sentence after playing billiards, he guessed her dark heart Xu; accept he sent the Dove chocolate and daily must send the love breakfast, he knows he has to capture the beauty ; only pick more than one hundred to buy their own clothes, to pick his clothes are more than a thousand, own arranged marriage thing Jie just let him call set wedding, he again saw her virtuous competent understanding ... the only proposed a requirement is to buy a house, have a house to have a home, parents will feel at ease to his daughter to marry. The new house is used, the decoration inside is the original owner to renovate, but small in size, only 60 square feet, she was full of happy family is superior. looking for an advertising company, she said, so we are both advertising, the future will be able to start their own businesses. That afternoon, the Zhuang Huagui an appointment Yan E went Fuqing, to participate in the second day of his sister's wedding. During this time, she said Danxia Star City store was leased, she and tenants see a face. 12:00 pm, via the phone and said to go home immediately, but waited for a long time but did not see the shadows. Wait until the dial her phone again, the phone has been shut down. Premonition is wrong, rushed to the scene, storefront doors shut, but not locked, the door and saw that she had fallen down in a pool of blood. He immediately hugged her rushed down the stairs, and was afterwards rushed to the police car to the hospital. One hour after the rescue, doctors announced that the injured who was stabbed eight knives, including twice in the deadly, back to the days without surgery. That night, he determined, lovers leave, but he wants to fulfill her last wish to formally marry her to the door, and she became his wife ... holding flowers and her single wedding, surrounded by loved ones on before her friend borrowed luxury roadster. Starting the car, it began to drizzle, destination wedding car: a funeral parlor. 9:45 a photo of two people at the funeral home door. Looking at the big day, he was alone in holding photos and flowers, the scene of many people shed tears, the bride's mother several times syncope. When the master of ceremonies announced the wedding ceremony started, how he hoped to own fairy tale prince, can Wenxing sleeping princess. However, fuzzy see tears in their eyes just across the glass lover. hand again. darling, I hope my love be with you all the way, there will be an angel in heaven, for me to care for you! He took over, he knew this moment, she really belonged to him. And father-in-law hugged, he had burst into tears. At this time, he followed his wife's dying wish gave the father-in-law a surprise. To thank the parents for the upbringing of grace, Meie parents adults can hand in their wedding day for loved ones, put her hand-picked a pair of watches, for which she also find a variety of opportunities to steal the size of the amount of the parents of the wrist, to go adjustment strap, in order to give parents a surprise wedding today, let me back she completed this wish The presence of all who weeping. The Zhuang Huagui afterwards said that after the accident, has endured did not tell it to the father-in-law, a colleague once advised him, to the time to send the watch, regardless of his parents, emotions are out of control, but he decided to complete the wife's dying wish. Marry her, send her on the road to Her elaborate preparations for the wedding, until the final spend, very few, even her pick to wear on his body, also should be replaced. Back, and finally it was his turn to sponsored, marry her and take her on the road. Come together fate, with walk is happiness. cyclotron slowly ... (the lyrics to the effect: You have been in my mind all the time, lingering, you all my life, is most flash the brightest star of my eyes, I know you light stroking me.) sequence suspects arrested all the other family a little peace of mind, the night of the incident 10 am, in coordination with local police, and arresting police suspects captured in Yong'an, Sanming City Railway Station Wang, a beautiful woman . At that time, the two suspects per capita has to buy a train ticket to Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, is preparing to travel to flee. The arresting group police the night of the suspects were escorted back to Xiang city. February 4, Zhangzhou funeral home in front of the row of the long queue of wedding car ... the groom carrying his bride the wedding, in the hall outside the hall, waiting to attend the wedding of friends and family ...... bride Lu Yane's father ...... and relatives of the bride and groom ... friends and family friends or the wedding practices to new blessing red envelope ...... Zhuang Huagui carefully wipe his wife's crystal coffin. The couple in December last year, picking up a marriage license, a good agreement wedding on February 4 this year, Zhuang Huagui what to expect, just 2 months after the loved ones already forever away from him. Aunt distraught ...... Lu Yane's aunt ...... relatives heartbroken ...... the students Yanmianerqi of killed ...... Lu Yane's distant relatives and close neighbors ...... groom is the father-in-law to wear a watch, for the This watch is my daughter's hand-picked me ...... The end of the wedding, The Zhuang Huagui followed to make arrangements for the funeral for his wife. Immediately after the funeral to attend the wedding of friends and relatives grief tears ... After reading it, my heart sour. Welcome to reprint share.



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